Products & Services

Our lab is fully equipped and we provide the following services. If you have an idea or a need and don’t see it here, give us a call to discuss.

Post-Harvest Trials
  • Chemical Efficacy
  • Shelf Life Performance
  • Variable Temp Trials
New Product Development
  • Improved packaging and delivery systems
  • New Product Exploration
Varietal Testing
  • Analysis of production, handling and value-add potential

Case Studies

End User Ingredient Project
Worked with a regional pie manufacturer to identify an appropriate peach variety to achieve best flavor and texture . Flavor profiling and varietal selections were completed on numerous cultivars. Client reported 80% increase in sales due to improved taste and overall quality.

Varietal Roadmapping
Work with grower/shippers to develop varietal roadmaps for planting. Allows for incremental plantings and timely harvest of key varieties throughout the entire growing season. Growers report improved yields and harvest efficiencies.